Email Support for a Bespoke Gifts e-Commerce Shop in Australia

Eastvantage has more than lived up to our expectations. The team is professional, friendly and always happy to help. The recruitment team is easy to deal with and only sources the best candidates for our business. We have very specific requirements, however, the team at Eastvantage understands our needs and has made the transition very easy for us.

Our customer service has improved in efficiency without compromising our standards. We have a 96% satisfaction rate and are able to analyse (and improve) our services continuously, thanks to the seamless communication between our managers in Sydney and Manila. We are very pleased to have found such a reliable and trustworthy company to work with.”


Nathalie, Operations Manager for the account

The Requirement / The Challenge
This client needed customer service agents who have a keen understanding of how ecommerce sites work. More importantly though, these customer service agents also need to exude a specific type of persona that shows through their communication with customers. The ability of the customer support group to effectively handle customer queries in the same manner and tone as the rest of the account in Australia is crucial to their success.

More recently, the client has signed up senior web developers under Eastvantage to support their AU web development team.

The Solution
The customer service team members are carefully selected by our recruitment team based on experience and soft skills. They undergo a battery of interviews, including direct communication with the team in Australia.

Once on-board, the team is carefully coached and trained by their Team Leader, and guided closely by more tenured colleagues. A bi-monthly meeting is also held involving the team leader, the account manager, and the customer service lead in Australia.