Senior Developers for SaaS Customisation

Eastvantage provides high-level staff support for a SaaS provider based in Adelaide, Australia. Our elite senior software developers are able to immediately integrate into projects with minimal training and supervision, for the lean business that needs staff who can hit the ground running.

The Requirement / The Challenge
Eastvantage was approached for staff leasing solutions to fill in the need for two senior profiles: front-end and back-end developers who have experience working in a .NET environment. Having failed to secure the right talent after 5 months with another outsourcing partner, they decided to switch to Eastvantage. The decision to outsource to the Philippines is sensible: it is hard to source for high-level, specialised web development posts in Australia, not to mention the staggeringly high employment costs associated with such talent. The challenge was to be able to find the right outsourcing partner who can guide them through their first-time outsourcing, while matching them with the right candidate profiles.


The Solution
One of Eastvantage’s key strengths is in providing dedicated account management to clients, and this was apparent from the very first project briefing. The guidance from the account management team and close partnership was essential in the success of the offshore setup and alignment of goals.

  • Dedicated account management
  • Close coordination with the recruitment team
  • Tapping into non-traditional sourcing channels such as social media groups
  • Continuous follow-up with qualified candidates
  • Administration of technical tests to qualify technical capabilities


Company Name
A leading Australian IT solutions company