Drill-down Initiatives to Improve Performance

The Project

An e-commerce site for different hobbies has been our client for almost seven (7) years now. Their non-voice customer support team, handling chats and emails, is being managed by Eastvantage.

The Problem / The Challenge
In 2019, the CS team experienced increasing DSAT, or dissatisfaction from customers. The team needs to address the issue immediately and decrease negative feedback.

The Solution
Our customer support teams monitor different key performance indicators (KPIs). These KPIs show where we excel and what we need to improve on. We have different measures on the service level, efficiency, quality, customer satisfaction, and people.

When negative feedback was increasing, our team had a drill down on the DSAT, assessing four areas:

  1. People: checking on Knowledge, Soft Skills, Multi-tasking Skills, and Will Issue
  2. Process: which checks Delay in Shipment, Escalation, Limitation, Order Processing Delay, System Issue, Delayed Feedback From Other Dept., Warehouse personnel, Settlement of customs duties and taxes
  3. Product: evaluates limitation and quality
  4. Other reasons that include customer accountability, Latency issues/Intermittent Connection, etc

Upon having the drill down, the team determined that the increase in DSAT is caused by concerns on delayed shipments. They investigated and found out that the delay was due to the process in the postal department of the area. The shipments are being held up for a longer period of time and no status has been published.

To address the issue, Eastvantage management team suggested placing in a notification on the client’s website about having minor delays on the deliveries and what the causes are. When the notification was in place, CSAT or customer satisfaction, immediately increased by 6%, and queries on delivery also lowered down.

Regular monitoring on delay in counterpart’s ends is now a norm for the team and prompts the client if notifications are needed.

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