Remote Staff

The benefits in terms of costs and productivity are the primary reason why you would want to hire your own remote staff. Building a remote team in the Philippines may be your best option with the country’s highly-skilled labor pool that also happens to be some of the happiest employees in Asia.

Building a remote staff with Eastvantage will provide you a cost-efficient option for recruitment, talent retention, tools, processes, and strategic growth measures related to operating your own offshore team, freeing up time and resources for you to focus on your own company’s growth.

High Standard Remote Staffing Solutions

With over a decade of experience in providing outsourcing solutions, Eastvantage has provided its clients tailor-fit solutions based on their specific requirements and has delivered them the right team, technologies, and tools in running their own team offshore.

Your employees can work in our PEZA accredited offices in one of the premiere business districts in Manila or you can opt to have them in a work-from-home setup, complacent with our strict compliance in data privacy and security standards such as GDPR and PCI DSS compliance.

Hire your own Remote Staff in Manila

Experience the perks of having your remote team with Eastvantage. We provide different models and tailor-fit solutions for your outsourcing needs, with more than a decade of expertise in CRM, technology, business management, and more. We make sure that your offshore team will benefit from Eastvantage’s happiness initiatives including corporate social responsibility activities, summer and holiday events, rewards and recognition, and more.

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